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Anyone attending a training seminar as a works or staff council wants to gain specialist knowledge and practical tips for dealing with their duties. Solid expert knowledge and insight into operational practice are the prerequisites for our advisors to meet these expectations.

Thanks to our many years of experience as trade union consultants for works and staff councils, we can ensure that our trainings provide the right mix of expert knowledge, case studies, legal tips and practical assistance. The exchange of experiences between the participants is not overlooked. We work with an activating and participatory variety of methods that enable a broad understanding and ensure the transfer of theory into practice.

Our Services

G-IBS mbH already has a wide range of further training courses that have been carried out by its consultants. In terms of content, we provide training in the fields in which we also work as consultants. You can find an overview of our individual topics here.

Our trainings can be found here: Current training offers.

Our in-house trainings and workshops are adapted to the respective requirements of the company, making them particularly effective. Especially when a council participates jointly, very far-reaching catalogs of actions and regulatory ideas can be developed. Feel free to contact us. For some topics, we can also offer an interdisciplinary approach (e.g. artificial intelligence from a psychological and technical perspective).

The way to the training

If you are interested, we can send you a list of available trainings. The exact procedures are determined together with the works or staff council. We offer you our premises for this purpose, but are also happy to come to your company. We are also happy to provide further information on the trainings and our counselling services by phone or e-mail (contact). As soon as an agreement has been reached on the content, dates and realisation can be agreed. Trainings can take place on site (in-house), but due to the current situation they can also take place digitally via a third-party provider to be agreed (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

Frequent events

The TBS network organises various specialist working groups, for example on the topics of occupational health and safety, SAP and call centres. This specialist expertise developed over the years can be drawn on in the current transformation processes. The exchange with and between company stakeholders, trade unions and academics is deepened at the specialist conferences organised by the various working groups. The focus is on practical assistance, competent counselling experience and, above all, the exchange of experience.

Further information can be found at

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