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Remuneration and Performance

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Pressure to achieve results, increased customer orientation and greater flexibility requirements are making traditional remuneration systems look outdated. The work contexts of blue-collar and white-collar colleagues are merging more and more. Establishing benchmarks for performance limits and performance-related pay under the conditions of group work, project work, core and peripheral workforces, target figures, etc. presents the parties to the company with new challenges. New collective bargaining regulations cast their shadows ahead. In addition to clarifying the company’s conditions and ownership status and defining interests from one’s own perspective, a company remuneration system that fits also requires a willingness to come to an understanding with the employer.

Our Services

Together with the committees, we develop company remuneration systems, performance appraisals, target agreements, bonus and award systems.

Our Topics

We advise both on the development of company remuneration systems and on the implementation of collective bargaining agreements. Other topics include performance assessments, target agreements and bonus systems.

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